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Microcontroller technology.
Model FIQ-46 with 4 digits for Rate of Flow & 6 digits for Cumulation
Model FIQ-2000 with 5 digits for Rate of Flow & 8 digits for Cumulation
Accepts 4-20mA or 0-10V input from Flow Transmitter to display Rate of Flow and Cumulation on two banks of display.
Built-in 24V DC supply for powering transmitter.
Cumulation value stored in EEPROM
Built-in Square root extraction and selectable integration time base for cumulation.
Optional 4-20mA Retransmission output.
Optional RS485/RS232C communication port with Modbus RTU slave protocol.
Optional Ex-Proof / IP65 enclosure.
All settings in EEPROM with Password protection.
Universal SMPS 90 270 V AC/DC or 24V DC supply
This is a Temperature and Pressure compensated flow rate indicating Totaliser. This accepts one rate of flow input, one pressure input and one temperature input
(TC/RTD) and calculates the compensated flow rate after applying compensation for
the instantaneous Temperature and Pressure. Totalisation is done based on the compensated rate of flow. Two relay outputs are provided for alarm signals. Optional retransmission analog output (4-20mA) proportional to compensated rate of flow and RS232C/RS485 port with MODBUS protocol features are available.
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