Microcontroller technology.

Accepts input from wide range of T/C, RTDs and Transmitter signals, converts and displays the Process Value on the display.

The type of input field selectable.

Universal SMPS 90 270 V AC/DC

Option for 2/3/4 Relay outputs.

Optional Retransmission output

Optional RS485/RS232C communication port
Modbus RTU slave protocol.
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This is a two channel indicator with 2 Relay outputs, Display for both channels is provided on 2 banks of display. The input can be TC/RTD/ 4-20mA.
Two Pressure transmitter signals can be connected to 2 inputs and the differential pressure is displayed.
Two Temperature inputs(TC or RTD) can be connected to instrument to display the reference and the temperature difference (∆T).
    For these models retransmission output (isolated 4-20mA), relay outputs for control / alarm and    RS485 communication port can be provided optionally.
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AM 2000
This is an Auto manual loader, which accepts two 4-20mA inputs, one from the field device and another from a PLC. One retransmission output (isolated 4-20mA) is generated to control the field device. This output signal is proportional to the signal from PLC in AUTO mode. In Manual mode it is the value set through the keypad. The measured value from the field device is displayed on the PV display.
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