This is used to store flow related data of bulk water supply schemes in many water pumping and distribution areas.

Two 4-20mA inputs for measuring Pressure, Flow Rate & one pulse input for totalised value.
512K bytes of NV memory for storing the measured parameter values.
Memory can be erased after uploading the memory on to a Pc.
Built in Real Time clock.
Date & Time stamp with every stored record.
Storage interval programmable from 1 to 240 minutes. Available memory stores 43000 records, equivalent to 5 months data @ 5 mins. or 15 months data @ 15 mins. or 60 months data @ 1 hour storage intervals.
Scaling for totalisation (1/100/1000) programmable. This will be the multiplying factor for Pulse input and divisor factor for Flow Rate input.
Password protection for totalised value reset and changing the settings.
RS232C port for downloading the stored data onto a PC/Laptop/Hand held DATA LOADER
Optional Centronics Printer port for getting periodic printouts of the parameter values along with date& time at programmed print intervals.
Sleek wall mountable, powder coated MS enclosure.
Password protection for changing the settings.
Settings stored in EEPROM.
Universal SMPS(90V - 270V AC/DC) or optional 24 V DC.


A hand held device, DATA LOADER, is available to download the data from the field mounted DATA LOGGERs and upload the same onto a PC. The features are:

4 MB memory is available in the Loader, which can be allocated to various banks

Data from upto a maximum of 16 Dataloggers can be downloaded and then uploaded to PC.
Any particular record of any data logger can be viewed in the LOADER display.
A 16x2 alphanumeric LCD display with backlit and 4 keys for operation is available.
After the data downloaded from the loggers are uploaded to the PC, the banks can be erased individually for fresh downloading.