UNIMOD range is a low cost alternative for the expensive IO modules for PLCs and DCS. Different combinations are available in this series to suit different applications. With the help of powerful communication feature built in the unit, the input & outputs in this module can be accessed and controlled from a PLC/DCS/ SCADA.

One 8x1 alphanumeric LCD with backlight is provided on the front for displaying the Process Values and the channel numbers.
Four numbers touch keys are provided for configuring various settings. Following are the different modules available in the UNIMOD series.


This is an Universal Analog Input module. It has provision for accepting 8 analog inputs. Each channel input can be from different thermocouples / RTD / Transmitter signals (0 – 20mA or
4 – 20 mA.) Each channel input can be programmed through the keypad. Cold junction compensation is provided through built in IC sensor. The channels can be digitally calibrated online with the help of a standard source.

This has provision for 8 analog inputs (either thermocouple or 0-20mA / 4-20mA), 8 Opto isolated digital inputs and 8 Opto isolated open collector drivers. The analog input type is predefined for either thermocouple or mA input. The analog input values and the status of digital inputs can be accessed through communication port and the 8 Open collector drivers can be driven through the communication port.

This has provision for 8 analog inputs (either thermocouple or 0-20/4-20mA) and 2 retransmission analog outputs. The two analog outputs can be predefined for any of the selected channel or maximum or average of 8 channel inputs or any other function defined by the user. The analog channel values can be accessed through communication port.
This has provision for a maximum of 16 RTD inputs and a maximum of 3 retransmission analog outputs. The analog outputs can be field programmed for different functions such as the maximum / average / minimum of a group of channels.

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