ACCOUNT is a Microcontroller based device used to monitor Plan & Actual quantities of materials produced in a continuous production line. Two sets of Jumbo displays are provided on either side of the instrument for displaying Plan and the Actual quantities. The Plan is the quantity that should have been produced at any instant of time based on the cycle time set for producing one component and Actual is the quantity produced.

The advantage is that ACCOUNT is provided with PC connectivity. Cycle time, shift start & end times, shift breaks like tea breaks and lunch breaks are set from the PC. During break times the Plan quantity is not incremented. The Plan & Actual values are also viewed on the PC at the Supervisor’s desk and these data are stored in a database.
LAN connectivity is provided in the software, so that the Production status can be viewed in any of the PCs in the factory. All the settings are done from PC and this eliminates any tampering / manipulation of the data. One ACCOUNT can be connected to one production line and the data of all the production lines can be viewed and logged on the PC, by connecting upto 32 ACCOUNTS in a multidrop network.

With the powerful Windows based software, TPM calculations are computed automatically. Various shift/ daily/monthly reports & graphs facilitates the management to monitor the production and analyse the cause for production loss, quality failure and get many more useful information.

Salient Features

2 banks of jumbo displays of 58mm height for Plan & Actual counter display.

One 14mm display for Plan time display during production and clock display during shift breaks.
Displays on either side for both operator and supervisor to see.
Upto 32 such instruments can be connected in a multidrop network to a PC..
Production data can be viewed from any PC in the factory through LAN connection..
All Settings, no. of shifts, cycle time, target, shift breaks are programmed from PC.
User-friendly Report and Graph generation.
Every minute storage of data for post mortem analysis.
One input from operator for rejected quantity entry, for viewing in PC as well as TPM calculations.
Two relay outputs for user defined functions.
All the TPM calculations like Productivity, Performance, Quality, Availability and Overall Equipment Effectiveness for any shift, any day and for any month is calculated Automatically.
Any Client system can view this data for analysis.

Software Features

Monitor Plan, Actual quantity for the Current Shift and Current Hour from any client Machine.

Employee data for each line is stored in the database and appears in the shift report.
Automatic calculation of Time Loss Report (including minor stop).
TPM figures are calculated automatically each line number for the following


Operative Time
Daily & monthly reports for all the lines can be viewed and edited from any client Machine.
Main Screen Time Setting Screen
Shift Report Daily Report - All Lines
Monthly Report Monthly Graph

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